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The Inkery is the printmaking studio of Kevin Allan

The Inkery is the printmaking
studio of Kevin Allan


Bodie barn linocut print
Stinson beach lifeguard tower linocut print
Capitol Reef Barn linocut print
Bodie Wagon Wheel linocut print
Bodie Gas Sign linocut print
Lindisfarne boat shed art print
Lone Joshua Tree linocut print
Saguaro cactus linocut print
Lighthouse linocut art print
Bodie ghost town water tower linocut art print
Bodie ghost town church linocut art print
Bell Rock, Sedona linocut art print

This series of original linocuts are inspired from travels. From the coast to the desert, I have tried to create a style of the landscape through the use of light, marks and textures all captured within a mix of Polaroid and old tin type style framed edges. Each piece details its location through its spirit as well as its visual representation.

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Worn tyres screenprint
Old warehouse screenprint
Water Tower screenprint
Dockside crane screenprint
Beach rescue tower art print
Beach Steps art print
Rusty marker post art print
Trees screenprint

All of my screenprints are based on my own original photographs, stripping the subject down to its bare minimum of light and shade using a halftone dot. This image is printed onto a textured background that I created from printed linocut blocks. The final prints are slightly abstract with a strong graphic style.

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Abstract Woodcut Series

I wanted to experiment with wood rather than lino to create this series. The grain of the wood creates another level of texture to each print, adding to the individuality. These prints are all based loosely around pairs and the relationship between the two shapes.

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Twelve Sardines art print
Steer skull linocut
Pine cone linocut print
Retro Mini car - linocut print
High top sneaker art - linocut print
VW Campervan linocut print
Oil lamp linocut print
Vintage Telephone wall art
Old Kodak Camera art linocut print
Vintage Typewriter linocut print

Classic objects, animals and vehicles – each captured in a stripped back still life. These linocuts are simple in form and mono in colour. They are designed to work well on their own as well as displayed in groups.

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A-Z Initial Letter and 1-9 Number print
Ampersand print
1-9 number print

A series of individual letters and numbers created from three printmaking processes in a final archival quality giclée print. Crafted from handpressed custom letterpress type with a screenprint halftone drop shadow all onto a handprinted linocut textured background. Each element is carefully scanned, captured and brought together into the final print.

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