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The Inkery is the printmaking studio of Kevin Allan

The Inkery is the printmaking
studio of Kevin Allan

Go Large!

I create almost all my original linocut prints at a relatively small size – A4 metric (or trimmed to 8" x 10" for old school imperial). I’ve always found this the best size for me to work in – the prints look great hung in small collections, it makes them more affordable and shipping is easier with something that size.

Recently however I started looking into enlarging some of my prints to see the impact ‘going large’ would make. I liked what I saw!

The Inkery's Bell Rock large giclee print with chair and cactus

It took time to get the desired result. Each print is captured, colour balanced and tested to match the original linocut as closely as possible and is available in two size options – Large: 30" x 24" or Mid: 20" x 16".

I’ve partnered with a fine art printer who produces the finished prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper using archival pigment inks that will last years.

Kevin Allan holding large giclee print of Bell Rock, Sedona
Large giclee print of ghost town wagon wheel

Instead of hanging in sets or alongside other art, these large giclee prints can stand up on their own as striking pieces. The marks and textures take on a greater impact on the bigger scale and, because the paper and ink is balanced to the original linocut, the look and feel is very close to it’s smaller cousin.

Kevin Allan holding medium giclee print of ghost town sawmill
Ghost town water tower medium giclee print

Large and medium giclee prints from my original linocuts are available for selected prints in the drop down menu in my shop.

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