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The Inkery is the printmaking studio of Kevin Allan

The Inkery is the printmaking
studio of Kevin Allan

About The Inkery

I’ve been creating art in some form or other for most of my life. Having worked in print for many years I began to learn printmaking in 2012, experimenting and teaching myself linocut. From there I began to sell my work for the first time, expanding my offering to include screenprints as well as linocuts.

The thing I like most about printmaking is the appearance of small marks and imperfections which happen when printing by hand. It shows the handcrafted nature of printmaking, making each print unique.

Linocut is a form of relief printing. The image is drawn onto a block of linoleum (in reverse) and the unprinted areas are then carved away using tools. The block is then inked and the impression transferred directly to the paper.

Screenprinting is based on a stencil method of printing. The image is drawn and transferred onto a screen of fine mesh which has a coating to stop ink passing through. The areas which print are then ‘burnt out’ to allow ink to be pushed through the mesh onto the paper underneath.